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I choose to think up on my own and post away but sometimes my man Wayne might help out. If you can think of any more, you're welcome to email me, of which famous figure(s) remind you of which ballplayer(s).

My Wayne says Mariners' David Bell resembles Robin Williams. No way, yikes!
And from myself, what about that, him and Kurt Russell? No?
I think Diamondbacks' Curt Schilling looks like Jeff Daniels that way!
Mariners' starting pitcher Freddy Garcia resembles WWF's Rock!
Forget the Nosferatu's horrific face expression for once, and look at Steve Finley of Arizona Diamondbacks. Are they related? >=)
Joe Torre (left), the NY Yankees manager, and actor Joe Pesci (right). Long-lost twin brothers? =))
Thanks to Wayne, who's a genius on that one!!!! San Francisco Giants' catcher Benito Santiago and deceased actor Warren Oates!
Hmm,.. compare Mariners' starting pitcher Aaron Sele and actress Jamie Lee Curtis.
Atlanta Braves' Paul Bako, and actor Jim Belushi. WOW!
Arizona Diamondbacks' manager, Bob Brenly and old movie star, Ward Bond. No clue of who Bond was!
Cleveland Indians' John Rocker, and Brooke McCarter from LOST BOYS vampire film!
Hmmm.. some similiar face features between these men, Andy Pettitte of NY Yankees, and actor Jeff Goldblum.
NY Mets pitcher Al Leiter, and actor Russell Crowe. Holy moley.
I don't care if you concur with me or not. Diamondbacks' Craig Counsell, and actor David Spade!
Atlanta Braves' Marcus Giles, and actress Elizabeth McGovern.. look at their eyes!

Kansas City Royals' outfielder Chuck Knoblauch and movie star Corey Feldman. Yikes..


Instead of the other way around, here's the Mike Piazza and his lookalike, Jim Pinna. Who's he? Click on his right picture.